Open House Caravan

The WCBR Open House Caravans are open to members only.

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Caravan for Thursday,  October 12, 2017, Pomfret

Please meet at 8:45 a.m. at Teago Store

You must be on the caravan for your property to be shown.

MLS#: 4644769
581 Tome White Hill, Pomfret
Listing Price: $598,500
Lynne Bertram; Email:
Property Owner Name: Johnson Nichols; Residential

MLS#: 4650688
413 Skyline Drive, Pomfret
Listing Price: 699,000
Jennifer Falvey; Email:
Property Owner Name: Elizabeth  Usilton; Residential

MLS# 4632787
1734 Howe Hill Road, Pomfret
Listing Price:  $445,000
Susan Hickey; Email:
Property Owner of Record; Residential

MLS#: 4631409
75 Maple View Road, Pomfret
Listing Price: $369,000
Kasia Butterfield; Email:
Property Owner Name: Diane Rivera; Residential

MLS#: 4601386
2769 Cloudland Road, Pomfret
Listing Price: $998,000
Lynne Bertram; Email:
Property Owner Name: Charles Nagle; Residential

MLS# 4513568
825 Wild Apple Road, Pomfret
Listing Price:  $665,000
Bobbi Dagger:  Email:
Property Owner:  Of Record; Residential


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